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Dismantling of Oil Tanks in Quebec

Oil Tank Dismantling

Tecosol holds a contractor's license to take charge of your oil tank dismantling projects, including as needed:

The services of a certified petroleum contractor for the removal and disposal of tanks and pipelines in due form

The presence of an accredited verifier from the RBQ in order to carry out the removal of the equipment in accordance with the RBQ directory.

Environmental monitoring, which consists of taking soil samples around the reservoirs and laboratory analysis to ensure that there is no contamination

Work carried out in accordance with the health and safety standards in force

Tecosol can be mandated for all of these steps, or simply for the environmental follow-up step during tank removal.

Termination Procedures (LQE)

When an owner of a service station, petroleum depot or other fuel distribution station ceases operations, that owner is subject to section 31.51 of the Environment Quality Act (EQA).


The owner must therefore provide the department with the following information:

Environmental site assessment reports - Phase I and Environmental Site Characterization – Phase II certified by an accredited expert

An environmental follow-up report on the removal of the tanks

If there is contamination on the site as a result of these steps, the owner must provide the department with:

A notice of contamination registered in the land registry

Submission of a rehabilitation plan

A rehabilitation report attested by an accredited expert

A decontamination notice registered in the land register

Tecosol will be pleased to guide you through the process and produce the various documents required.


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