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Excavation Rehabilitation in Quebec

Tecosol also offers the option of rehabilitation by excavation in Thetford Mines, Quebec, and off-site management. This option is often complementary to in situ soil treatment. It consists of excavating contaminated soils with excavating shovels and transporting these soils to an authorized centre.

In what context are excavation and off-site management preferred?

Emergency (spill, accidental release, incident, etc.)

During the dismantling of petroleum equipment, buildings, or other equipment, the excavation and off-site management is preferred

When time is an important factor

Where soil conditions or the nature of the contaminants do not permit the application of in situ treatment

Our strength is to combine several remediation methods, adapted to each problem and each area of contamination, in order to maximize remediation efficiency and reduce costs to a minimum!

Contact us to benefit from an adapted solution.

Oil Tanks

From the dismantling to the steps for ceasing activity, we take care of everything.

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