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Soil Decontamination With Excavation in Quebec

There is an alternative to the Soltec process, which can also be applied ex situ, i.e. using a treatment unit (mixer) directly on site. This option is preferred when there is a large quantity of soil to be rehabilitated or in remote areas where landfill sites are not easily accessible.


The Soltec mixer was developed in partnership with Groupe Industries Fournier.

How is the Soltec ex situ process applied?

Contaminated soils are first excavated

These soils are then mixed with Soltec reagents directly in the mixer. The continuous mixing of the contaminated soils and reagents allows the treatment of the soils

Treated soils are verified and if they meet the criterion, are reused on the site

The processing time and the dosage of reagents are determined and adjusted according to the concentrations, the nature of the contaminants and the type of soil.

What are the advantages of using on-site treatment compared to off-site management?

Treating excavated soil directly on site

Avoid costs associated with soil transportation, backfilling, landfilling, etc.

Decontaminate soils while respecting the environment

What are the limitations of the Soltec ex situ process?

The mobilization of the treatment unit is complex and is, therefore, not preferred for small quantities of soil to be treated.

Excavation - Off-Site Management

We also use the method of decontamination by excavation and off-site disposal.

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