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Tecosol's Team, Mission and Values

Company Profile


Tecosol is a Quebec company offering various services in the field of contaminated soil and groundwater. Tecosol was founded in 1993 following the development of an innovative soil and groundwater treatment technology. This process, Soltec, is applied in situ, directly in the soil, without excavation. Soltec was developed in collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada and the Université de Sherbrooke in Quebec. Research and development projects were carried out on two industrial sites owned by Alcan Ltd. between 1995 and 1999.

Over the years, Tecosol has developed partnerships allowing it to expand in the Quebec contaminated soil and environmental protection market. In 2005, the company joined forces with Groupe Industries Fournier de Thetford Mines to invest in commercial and research and development activities. Groupe Industries Fournier manufactures Tecosol's mobile treatment units. Since 2009, Tecosol has been working in collaboration with the Institut national de recherche scientifique (INRS) on the development and eventual commercialization of the Métox process. This innovative treatment process will make it possible to treat soil contaminated by heavy metals directly on the site concerned.


The company's team of professionals is led by Pierre Dufresne, Master of Hydrogeology, MSC, who has more than thirty years of experience in the field of soil and groundwater decontamination. This team is multidisciplinary. Here are the different specialists:

Specialist in Hydrogeology


Environmental Manager

Hydrogeological Technologists

Water Sanitation Technician


Mission, Vision, Values


What is our company’s purpose?

To meet the needs of our clients in terms of environmental management by proposing rehabilitation solutions adapted to the problems of soil and groundwater contamination.

Our personalized and humane service is among the most competitive on the market thanks to our innovative and alternative treatment methods that allow on-site treatment, with or without excavation.

Our in-depth expertise in contaminated site management and the application of our remediation solutions allows us to offer a turnkey service at a fixed price with treatment guarantees to clients at the commercial, industrial, residential and public levels.


What is our reason for taking action?

Having developed a wide range of green and innovative technologies over the years, Tecosol stands out for its environmental remediation solutions that are in line with sustainable development, thus limiting the ecological footprint left by decontamination work.

A "customized" remediation approach, combined with the company's expertise and knowledge, allows clients to recover the full value of their land, regardless of the type of contamination.

In addition, the company is known for its personalized and human service, supporting and guiding the client through this sometimes cumbersome and complex process.



The health and safety of workers is the company's top priority.

Commitment and Loyalty

Employees and management are committed to their responsibilities to all parties. There is a very low staff turnover rate.

Integrity and Professionalism

All team members act professionally and ethically, both internally and externally.

Autonomy and Accountability

Each employee demonstrates autonomy and resourcefulness in his or her work and is sometimes inclined to personally ensure a job well done.

Flexibility and Availability

Both employees and management are flexible in their work schedules to meet the needs of clients as well as those of individuals.

Adapted and Humane Service

Each mandate is customized according to the specific constraints of the project. The versatility of the employees contributes to a "tailor-made" service. In addition, our human approach aims to supervise and guide clients through the required steps.


Environmental Assessments

We have the expertise to carry out your environmental assessments according to the context indicated.

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