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Soil Decontamination Without Excavation in Quebec

Tecosol performs soil decontamination without excavation in Quebec. The Soltec in situ process consists of injecting a mixture of solid, liquid and gaseous reagents directly into the soil. It is used to treat soil and groundwater contaminated by hydrocarbons and other organic products (HP C10-C50, PCBs, PAHs, BTEX, etc.). The physico-chemical reaction (oxidation) takes place in less than 24 hours, directly in the soil, in contact with the reagents. This process does not require any excavation.


Numerous tests conducted by the Biotechnology Institute of the National Research Council Canada (NRC) have shown that the reagents used are not toxic to the environment.

How is the Soltec process applied in situ?

Boreholes are drilled as injection wells in the contaminated zone.

The different reagents are mixed in the Tecosol mobile unit and then injected under pressure directly into the horizon of the contaminated soil.

Subsequent test drillings confirm that the target criteria have been met.

The treatment time and the dosage of reagents are determined and adjusted according to the concentrations, the nature of the contaminants and the type of soil.

What are the advantages of using in-situ treatment compared to excavation and off-site management?

Treating soils under infrastructure

Continuing commercial and industrial activities during processing

Avoid the costs associated with excavation, foundation support, soil transport, backfilling, burial, etc.

Treat faster than other in-situ treatments (e.g. biodegradation)

Decontaminate soils while respecting the environment

What are the limitations of the Soltec in-situ process?

Very clayey or compact soils

Very high concentrations vs. the criterion to be met

What is the guarantee?

Tecosol offers a treatment guarantee. Therefore, if the results are not conclusive with the in situ treatment, Tecosol commits to rehabilitate the soil with another method at no additional cost.

Excavation - On-Site Management

The Soltec process can be applied ex situ, for large-scale projects.

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